any advice on kayak motors please

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Re: any advice on kayak motors please

#16 Post by Missin Fishin » Thu Oct 29, 2015 1:05 pm

Snow wrote:
Missin Fishin wrote:
Snow wrote:Of all the electric motors I have tried I keep going back to the Minn Kota 30 ft/lb for yaks. They are slightly heavier than the Water Snake 18 and 24s but for me its about power to weight. The Minn Kota for me is far more efficient in its current draw for the weight I carry meaning I get better use out of the battery.
What make and model is your yak? First and foremost is safety. If it hasn't got the carrying capacity don't add a leccy. I have been guilty in the past of putting to much weight on a small yak and while I got away with it I shudder know when I think about what could have gone wrong. You are going to add around18 kilos to your yak (Minn Kota and 60 amp hour battery) add to this your weight and the gear you carry. My suggestion is that this total should be 20% under the max carrying capacity of the yak.
One thing I did do before putting leccys on the last 3 yaks was to fill a 20 litre drum with water, strap it to the yak and go for a paddle. That way you know what you are up for should you have a flat battery and have to paddle back to shore or your launch site.
I am not trying to put you off putting a leccy on your yak, everyone here knows I love my leccys. Just trying to let you know the positive and negatives (pun intended)
Hope this helps mate.

Hi Snow, do you by chance have any figures you've measured on what the Minnkota 30lb (or other Minnkota's) draw on the lower settings? I tried and tried to get Minnkota Aus to give me any figures (actually any RESPONSE at all, ahem ...customer service?) but they never replied. Minnkota USA were far more helpful, but still had no clue other than the max draw (which is kind of obvious anyway). Be interested to know, as the JW figures (i've posted these elsewhere somewhere I think) do show that in those motors the 30lb's are similar efficiency to 18's on lowest settings (confirming your point too).

Good safety points people really need to take heed of too.

Electronics on water...things can fail!
Hi Missin
These are the figures I got from the Minn Kota pushing my Moken Lure 10 with a total load of 140 kg (my fat axx, battery, leccy and gear) This yaks load limit is 170kg so I am more than 20% under. The yak is 3.15 metres long, fat as its owner at 91cm wide and weighs 34kg.
Pushing this load using a 60 amp hr absorbed glass matt battery on flat water with a variable wind recorded these figures on the amp meter
Forward-1 = 7 to 9 amps
Forward-2 = 9 to 11 amps
Forward-3 = 13 to 15 amps
Forward-4 = 17 to 21 amps
Forward-5 = 28 to 32 amps
Reverse-1 = 11 to 13 amps
Reverse-2 = 28 to 32 amps
Now I have converted it to a two wire motor with a pulse width modulator (PWM) controlling the speed it is wayyyyyyy better
At trolling speed, same as speed two on the old twist dial, it draws 6.5 amps. This difference is the PWM turns the power too the motor on and off 15000 times a second whereas the standard Minn Kota and waternsnake setup use a type of dimmer switch setup to burn off extra amps to control the speed. PWM is called digital maximiser by Minn Kota and Motor guide call it digital motor technology.
Brilliant Mate! thanks for that, finally after over a year someone has exactly what I was after! Figures seem in line with a 34lb JW, so appears the 'power levels' may be somewhat consistent between similar motor sizes.

I love my PWM coversion, as I use troll lures at times it is invaluable to get the right speed. Great that some brands offer their own kits etc.

Thanks again

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