Most reliable weather source

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Most reliable weather source

#1 Post by MrPinkie » Tue Nov 22, 2016 8:03 am

What website/source do you guys in Moreton Bay use to get your wind and weather reports?

I usually use but quite a few times this last couple of weeks they have been very off for wind, even over-predicting te strength and also the direction. I've missed out on some perfect mornings subsequently.

Are all the sources the same (derived from the BOM)?

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Re: Most reliable weather source

#2 Post by Steve R » Tue Nov 22, 2016 9:36 am

Quote from WillyWeather website
Data Sources

Weather information based on data supplied by the Bureau of Meteorology and other sources
© 2016 WillyWeather
Most (if not all) of the weather websites grab their data from the same sources. Generally I find in this part of the world WW wind figures are high. WW gets wind readings from BOM. I queried the difference and received the answer that WW increases the readings for coastal towns because the junction of sea and land creates its own weather system. In other words what they do should increase our margin of safety. However, armed with that information I usually discount weather website information and head for BOM wind charts.

Tunnel down to your preferred area from here
Knowing that ocean conditions may be different, cross-check that against marine wind predictions ... us&tz=AEDT

On top of that, it is handy to be able to read pressure zones on the BOM MSLP chart. Wide spread isobars are good news. Close Isobar lines are bad news. Start watching these for a while and you'll gain all the understanding you need. You also need to beware of troughs and fronts heading your way. ... ndex.shtml
Animate that and you should get some idea what's happening with high and low pressure zones. It's easier down here - the pressure zones generally weather moves from left to right (but they may be 'pushed' down by conditions across the middle of Australia.

Part 2

Very recently I discovered Windfinder, which is a website set up for those who play on beaches. Quote:
Windfinder is your free to use weather service for kitesurfers, windsurfers, surfers, sailors, paragliders and other wind related activities
Here's how to find your data on Windfinder.

1) Click
2) Click the number in the blue circle on your state
3) Click the nearest icon to your fishing location
4) Click View forecast
(to save doing all that again, bookmark the result).

Looking at their simple bar charts, violet down up to blue is not windy enough for windsurfers, kites, etc so that's what we want to see. NOTE the wind values are initially shows as knots. You can change that via the gear icon. As the blue becomes lighter, conditions become more marginal for kayaks. Green is good for those who play in the wind so, not good for us.

I have not used it enough yet to evaluate the results.

Part 3

I don't like they layout of Windfinder but you can create a widget that cuts out the confusions and is restricted to the data you want to see.
Follow the Windfinder instructions steps from here (three steps)
The result page will include some code inside a box.
Copy all the code inside the box and save it to a plain .txt file (or html in a single step if you are able)
Change the txt file extension to html
Run that and you'll get something less complex in your web browser containing not quite but close to only the data you want to see. My entire Windfinder Widget results choosing wind only from available options:
(note my widget chart shows wind speed as kmh, chosen from options as the widget was created)

For windows users who cannot see their file extension to rename it easily ... hange.html
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Re: Most reliable weather source

#3 Post by MrPinkie » Tue Nov 22, 2016 1:39 pm

Wow, thank you very much for such a comprehensive answer.

I suspected as much for the shared BOM info however that Windfinder website you referenced looks like an excellent alternative.

When I get a chance I might see if I can export the widget data automatically and publish it on a webpage - your setup looks much easier to read.

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